Medical translations into all the Nordic languages

The translation of medical texts requires expertise and an understanding of the needs of the target audience. Our customers often need translations quickly in order to meet tight schedules set by the regulatory authorities. Our experienced in-house translators are ready to provide you with high-quality translations while meeting your schedule requirements and taking the needs of the target audience into account.

You can order translations via our Digipharma platform, which is a part of Oriola's digital services. Using our platform, it's easier than ever to create projects, to follow their progress and to find them again. You can submit any files, small or large, quickly and securely, and you'll also save time not having to look for project-related messages in your email box. Ask your Oriola contact person about how to start using Digipharma.

Translations of a wide variety of medical text types

We will help you with all your medical translation needs, including:

  • product information texts for human and veterinary medicines (SmPCs, labelling, package leaflets), medical devices and nutritional supplements
  • patient support materials, including patient guides, websites and applications
  • training materials for health care professionals
  • texts related to clinical trials, including information leaflets and consent forms, other patient materials and correspondence with regulatory authorities
  • texts related to pharmacovigilance
  • pricing and reimbursement applications and hospital tenders
  • health economic reports
  • promotional materials
  • authorised translations, for example medical certificates, permits issued by authorities and translations required for export certificates (CPPs).

All the Nordic languages – and more

We provide translations from and into the following languages:

  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Icelandic
  • English.

We also work with our trusted partners to deliver translations into other languages, including Baltic languages. Please contact us for further information!

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Lotta Holmström

Lotta Holmström

Translations Team Lead +358 40 735 4903