Governance and society: Safeguarding deliveries for health and wellbeing

Getting medicines available for people and healthcare is the cornerstone of our business. Through this responsible role in society, we are an essential part of the entire healthcare value chain.

Oriola is an essential part of the entire healthcare value chain. Our long-term sustainability target is to secure safe and accurate deliveries of pharmaceuticals and other health products to pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, veterinarians, and other healthcare operators.

Material topics

  • Safe and timely delivery of pharmaceuticals
  • Product safety and quality
  • Ethical sourcing and supply chain management
  • Data protection
  • Governance

Strategic targets

  • Ensure safe and accurate deliveries of pharmaceuticals and other health productsto pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, veterinarians and other healthcare operators
  • Ensure transparent and responsible operations and supply chain practices

We oversee operations by, for example, monitoring the picking quality of ordered pharmaceuticals. From a product safety and quality perspective, we make sure that all pharmaceuticals and health products are kept in the right conditions during storage and transport. We ensure the high quality and safety of our own health and wellbeing brands. 

We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Our Code of Conduct outlines the principles with which all our employees and businesses are expected to comply. We act in a transparent, responsible, and ethical manner, and uphold our values as the guiding principle for all our actions and decisions. Oriola encourages everyone to discuss or report compliance concerns when in doubt.   

Together with our suppliers and other stakeholders, we promote sustainable practices throughout our value chain. To help mitigate risks and drive ethical practices, Oriola ensures compliance with our ethical principles by requiring that suppliers and other business partners commit to Oriola’s Business Partner Code of Conduct or equivalent. 

Handling personal data, including customer data, thoroughly is important to us. We believe that data protection should be a natural part of everyone’s daily work, and we consider that both online and offline safety is a joint effort. All Oriola employees must adhere to the highest standards of data protection by following internal rules and guidelines, using appropriate tools, and acting responsibly. To ensure a high level of awareness of data protection among our employees, we regularly conduct training courses.