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How pharmacists perceive your product – get insight of the Finnish market from our pharmacy opinion surveys

Oriola’s pharmacy opinion surveys shed light on overall market or therapy area related trends, how medical products are perceived and what is the competitive environment. Combined with sales data, these analyses support pharmaceutical companies in better understanding the Finnish market.


Oriola’s surveys to Finnish pharmacists produce information related to pharmaceutical advice in pharmacies. These surveys reveal for example what pharmacists consider when advising pharmacy customers in self-care of a health issue or a symptom. The survey results are enriched with market sales data, which our experts combine into an insightful analysis.

“Our surveys support pharmaceutical companies in deepening their understanding of how their products are perceived and whether this correlates with the sales data. The analysis includes comparison of market share of corresponding products, which provides information about the competitive environment for example in a certain therapy area. The surveys may also unveil further information or training needs among pharmacists,” says Karla Blåfield, Head of Sales and Marketing Services at Oriola’s Advisory Services.

The surveys are conducted on Oriola’s digital research platform, which we also use for patient surveys to acquire patient reported outcome (PRO) data with research pharmacies.

Next pharmacy opinion survey examines self-care products for allergy symptoms

As an example of the pharmacy opinion surveys, we are currently investigating which self-care products are advised to be used for relieving seasonal allergy symptoms. The purpose is to understand which allergy products are advised most often by pharmacists.

The survey, called allergy barometer, is open until 24 March 2024, so the analysis provides current information at the start of the upcoming allergy season. The survey includes all orally administered products, nasal sprays and eye drops that are registered for self-medicating allergy symptoms and have marketing authorisation in Finland at the time of the survey period. Also, the products sold in pharmacies for rinsing and moisturising nasal mucosa are included in the survey.

Interested to hear more about our pharmacy opinion surveys or allergy barometer specifically? Contact us:

Karla Blåfield

Karla Blåfield

Head of Sales and Marketing Services +358 50 384 8849