Oriola as an investment

Oriola is a Finnish listed company operating in the Finnish and Swedish health and wellbeing markets.

Oriola serves the health and wellbeing market with a modern and customer-focused assortment and services, and connects all actors within the field, from pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies. Oriola promotes wellbeing by ensuring that pharmaceuticals as well as health and wellbeing products are delivered in a safe and customer-friendly manner. Oriola's wide range of services help pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and other operators in the healthcare sector to succeed and promotes a healthier life for people.

Oriola has long experience and a strong position on the Finnish and Swedish pharmaceutical markets. In the Finnish pharmaceutical wholesale business, Oriola has a market share of approximately 44%, while in Sweden the share is approximately 45% in the pharmaceutical wholesale business.

Oriola Corporation is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Oriola's net sales were approximately EUR 1.9 billion in 2021. Company had approximately 2,600 employees (FTE) at the end of 2021.

Why invest in Oriola?

  • Megatrends, such as ageing population and increasing interest in wellbeing, strengthen Oriola’s main markets and create structural market growth.
  • Oriola’s market shares have been relatively stable.
  • A significant share of Oriola’s business is heavily regulated, which creates a high threshold for entering the market and enables local competitive advantage through scale and services.
  • As an expert partner, Oriola meets pharmaceutical companies’ growing need for full-services.
  • The demand for dose-dispensing services is increasing, and Oriola has a strong market position.
  • The company culture is being transformed from the fundamentals.
  • Oriola has ongoing initiatives to ensure efficient and high-quality operations and to improve profitability.
  • The aim is to achieve a steady cash flow that enables predictable dividends and selected investments for growth.
  • Oriola creates societal value and effectiveness for healthcare at large.
  • Oriola has committed to the UN’s Global Compact principles, and the company’s sustainability strategy covers ESG topics. This reflects beyond the financial statements to Oriola’s business risk management.
  • Oriola has set long-term sustainability goals to create value for stakeholders.