People – working towards a sustainable people journey

Our employees work every day to promote people’s health and wellbeing in pharmaceutical distribution, dose dispensing and various expert roles.

Our employees make our purpose ‘Health for life’ come alive. We care for our customers and their needs and expectations. Together we work for a healthier tomorrow.

Our Sustainable people journey guides our work in employee engagement and wellbeing at work, directing us towards our goal: to provide a fair workplace, where we do things together based on shared values.

Oriola’s Sustainable people journey is driven by:

  • Modern people services
  • Well-functioning organisation
  • Enabling leaders
  • Capable people

During 2022, we acquired a new employee engagement system, which was implemented early 2023. We measured employee engagement through the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). In 2022, after the big organisational restructuring our eNPS declined and was -22. We aim for a significant improvement in 2023. Our employee sounding board, consisting of employees from both countries, is an important channel for addressing development areas and providing feedback to the People team and management. In 2022, work focused on the company culture and organisational development. The development work carried out by the People team and personnel management focused on strengthening the existing organisation, while surveying the needs of the new, emerging organisation.