People management

Our people strategy is a part of the Group strategy with the aim to support company’s businesses and successful strategy implementation. This is done by developing key capabilities and related competences, ways of working and culture. People strategy sets the direction for people management processes during the whole employee journey.

The key focus areas in the people strategy are superior employee experience, healthy and sustainable workplace, leadership supporting growth, strategic capabilities as competitive advantage, digital and data-driven Oriola, and talent management.

The implementation of our learning strategy and a continuous focus on developing our leaders are instrumental in leading business transformation in the evolving market environment, and increasing value to our customers and shareholders. Taking a position as a front-leaning employer with a focus on professional development, we will create a culture where people thrive and feel proud.

Each year we run an organisational planning and talent review process, which gives us as a company a more strategic approach and analysis of the current organisation and resources, and potential gaps in strategy execution.

We emphasise operational excellence, high performance, and recognition for outstanding results throughout the organisation.