Learning and development

Our wide range of services offer our employees versatile career paths. The diversity of tasks enables learning at work and career advancement within Oriola.

Both Oriola as a company and our business environment are rapidly changing, and our employees’ expertise and commitment is a prerequisite to offer an excellent customer experience. A changing business environment offers our employees possibilities to take part in business development and innovate new solutions or services that meet our customers’ needs.

We want to support people to pursue their own career ambitions and encourage personal development. We have defined Oriola's strategic capabilities that are guiding personnel development and are setting the direction for external recruitment. Employee development is supported with continuous development discussions and target setting, in which personal goals are set to guide work and individual advancement. All measures are mapped and used for training planning, leadership development and individual compensation. In 2021, personal goals were set for 91% of our employees.

Versatile learning opportunities

We offer in-house training programmes and encourage individual training to build expertise. In recent years, we have taken important steps in introducing remote and digital ways of learning. In 2021 we launched new sustainability e-learning for all employees to increase awareness of our sustainability work and its connection to various tasks in production, pharmacies and offices. More than 2,200 employees completed the e-learning during the year.

The pharmaceutical sector is strictly regulated, and many tasks require training, for example, in quality requirements. However, most development is achieved through learning at work. Several development projects offer the opportunity to build and share experience across organisational and country borders. Our wide range of services provide opportunities for pharmaceutical professionals to explore various career paths, from expert services within our pharmaceutical company customers, to supply chain related tasks.