People – driving to have the best employee experience

Our employees work every day to promote people’s health and wellbeing in pharmaceutical distribution, dose dispensing and various expert roles.

Our employees make our purpose ‘Health for life’ come alive. We care for our customers and their needs and expectations. Together we work for a healthier tomorrow.

To attract the right talents and enable our employees to focus on what they do best, we want to offer a fair and equal workplace, where everyone can flourish and develop. Therefore, we have set Best-in-class employee engagement as our long-term goal. In 2022, we will define new intermediate targets towards this goal.

Our purpose sets the foundation for offering meaningful work, but we also consider common values, strong culture, leadership as well as opportunities for learning and development important parts of building a great employee experience. We also know that these factors go hand in hand with engagement. Based on our annual employee engagement survey, employees who experience high energy levels at work also feel, for example, that they have development opportunities and clear goals and that our communication culture is open and transparent. Additionally, as our business and organisation are in transformation, in 2021 we developed ways to improve dialogue with our employees to ensure engagement.