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Real World Evidence (RWE) provides you with strategic support throughout the entire lifespan of medical products. With our solid expertise in RWE studies, we offer you valuable information and services for successful progress from clinical phases to the post-marketing phase IV.

You will be served by a team of experts with experience in post-doctoral research, pharmacoepidemiology, register studies (including EMA and FDA PASS), nutrition research, hospital data lakes, as well as biobanks including genome data. Guided by our experts’ working history with nation-wide data in Nordic countries from CRO, big pharma, university, university hospital, pharmacy and authority perspective, we help you to find the best solution for your needs.

Choose the RWE service you need:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Patient surveys
  • Drug utilisation studies
  • Phase IV studies (PASS and PAES)
  • Patient recruitment for clinical trials
  • Data for health economic models
  • Market research and landscape analyses to support market entry and pricing board decisions

Our unique GDPR-compliant digital platform for patient reporting outcomes contains strong authentication and digital dynamic consent and paves the way for the transparent and fair data usage in medical research.

Way to success: RWD + PRO = RWE

  • RWD (Real World Data): Collected from national registers, hospital data-lakes including various electronic medical records, and private healthcare providers
  • PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes): Data collected through Oriola’s Research Pharmacy Network (around 180 pharmacies in Finland), patient organisations and private healthcare providers
  • RWD + PRO = RWE: Comprehensive picture of disease burden by combining patients’ perspective to national health register data

Nordic countries offer excellent conditions for register studies

Nordic countries are tightly connected in many positive ways. We have excellent conditions for register studies supported by the similarity in laws and political systems, homogenous socioeconomic structure, including free education and health care for whole population, and unique social security numbers for each citizen. Our long traditions in electronic data collection enable nation-wide cohort creation and data linkage for research purposes.

We are familiar with the local Nordic laws as well as with EU legislation. We are happy to explain you e.g. the newly implemented Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data in Finland, the effects of it on research, and the role of the new authority named Findata.

Do not hesitate to contact us – we are ready to plan a tailored project just for your needs!

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Tuire Prami

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