Our Medical and Scientific affairs expertise supports you in the Nordics

Medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements are subject to different legislations, and the ethical guidelines covering them vary between the Nordic countries. Ethical and medical reviews of promotional materials and product information texts do not need to feel like an overwhelming challenge. Our experts, who are specialised in medicine and pharmacology, will help you produce the best materials possible for both physicians and patients. You can also rely on our expertise in translating materials into all the Nordic languages.

  • Ethical and medical review of promotional materials for prescription and OTC medicines
  • Review of promotional material for dietary supplements, cosmetics and medical devices
  • Medical review of product information texts
  • Producing medical materials and providing related training
  • Clinical expert statements

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Laura Riihimäki-Lampén

Laura Riihimäki-Lampén

Head of Regulatory Affairs and Translations +358 50 409 9161 laura.riihimaki-lampen@oriola.com